Sunday, 30 September 2007

Having fun in Sunny QLD......

I have not been blogging much as my niece is visiting from South Africa. We are having soooo much fun. In fact we spend most day laughing until it hurts. Its very special to have some "family" visit and for J & A to get to know their cousins.

Its so good to spend time talking and sharing our new life with her so she can report back to the SA family how we are. My niece "P" is enjoying "Sunny Queensland", she is a beach babe and is soaking up the weather with glee, have had to warn her a few times about the sun and its burning capacity here!

Today we went on a tour around the Glasshouse Mountains and up to is so beautiful up that way.

Best of all she helped me re-pack my garage...a mammoth task. In fact its so organised that it is possible to actually park a car in there! She has been converted to a "Greyhound Lover" and even shares her bed with the dogs.....

My animal count has returned to normal i.e "Too Many"

*** Newsflash****

Very sad news, our little girl birdie had laid 5 eggs and she and daddy bird were taking turns sitting on the eggs....then tragedy struck. I went out to feed them and notice Mommy bird looking very unwell, she had become egg bound. I did everything I could but sadly she died. Daddy bird is still sitting on the eggs.........I am not sure what happens now but will give him a chance and see if he can do this alone.

I will write more very soon...P
leaves on Monday and then I am back to normal whatever that is.


Monday, 24 September 2007

I need to go to AA .... Animals Anonymous!

Seriously, I am really a bit mad. My friend Doriso calls my home "The Ark", she is not wrong let me tell you.

Ok I will explain what the head count was here this past weekend:
2 Greyhounds,
2 Toy Poodle Pups,
1 Shih Tzu pup,
3 Cockatiels,
3 Cats,
2 Goldfish,
2 Danios
2 Siamese Fighting Fish....

I have a perfectly rational explanation for this madness...

Dr R went away for some much needed R&R and I offered to have my "God Pups" as usual. The little Shih Tzu belongs to a client who had an urgent trip overseas and no commercial kennel will take a pup that age....... what could I do.......

D said nothing, I think he has given up and just does whatever he is told...... My niece is here from South Africa and she is just laughing. She has never seen so many animals in one spot!

J enjoys it as much as me and so helps me to feed and clean the animals of the Ark.

On a more exciting note, I have written and passed my Radiography Exam.....YYYYYYAAAAHHH! Now just add finishing touches to the assignment and I am done!!

Will post more soon

Sunday, 16 September 2007

Things are warming up here in Queensland......

Its subtle and at first its fun, the sun is shining, the days are longer... BUT as the summer sets in I want to do what the bears do in winter...hibernate! I don't mind heat, remember I am an AFRICAN, however I can't cope with humidity.... I go to pieces. I seem to sweat 24/7 and running from the car into the house could land you with sunburn! We are fortunate to live on a "Peninsula" and so do get sea breezes. The picture below is an arial view of of Scarborough where we live...its pretty beautiful.

The Queensland climate is very similar to Durban in South Africa, D is a "Durban Boy" and so he feels like he is home. I come from Cape Town, it gets hot but its a dry heat ...not that "Watery, sticky, melting heat". In fact the average summer temperatures are probably lower than what I am accustomed to but not that humidity problem.

Don't get me wrong, I love this climate from April to November but then it gets soo hot I have to lie in a darkened air conditioned room. The first year we were here , we had no aircon, no fans ,no nothing! I nearly died...every night I would wet a towel and sleep with a portable fan blowing on the wet towel........ The laugh is that the shopping malls are fully air conditioned....I found myself finding excuses to shop....would probably have been cheaper to buy aircons.......

Now however we have our own home with beautiful airconditioners...Yes I do know about global warming and I reduce my carbon footprint in other ways....promise!

This week A is off on her Year 6 School Camp. This is her final year of primary school, next year she is in High School or Middle School as they call it here. The excitement is HUGE, she has nearly driven me nuts this last week.

J is well, and has "Fallen in love", her first relationship. The only trouble is that he is in a different timezone to it makes for many hours of chatting on "Skype" or messenger at weird times. Suddenly she is able to wake up at 5am..........hmmm. I guess thats the way of life nowdays, you meet folk with similar interests and develop a relationship based on your mutual interests. Technology has changed the way of things. We approve and she is open and honest with us.......what more could you want? Oh btw if you break my baby's heart....I know where you live!!! :-)

Also in love are the cockatiels , the nesting material was not up to scratch according to the hen and so she threw it all out. We have sort professional advice and apparently needed wood shavings. There is much "In and Out" the nesting box, but no eggs as yet.

I am writing a "Radiology" exam soon and really should be studying, not blogging.....but we have been through this before, haven't we?

The creatures of our "Ark" are well and will have to wait until the next blog for a chance to have their stories told....

Thats all for now folks

Sunday, 09 September 2007

Workplace harassment...the cat who abuses me.........

I know that's weird title but it true. I undergo workplace harassment and severe bullying from a cat... Her name is Churchill, she is a large tortoiseshell moggy from "Who knows where". She is the official "Clinic Cat" and resides with full board and lodging in a cage she handpicked as hers. She is somewhere around the 10 year old mark we think, no one really knows. I call her the C.E.O, she sits on the front desk and surveys the comings and goings of clients and their unsuspecting pets.

She loves to tease other animals and truly believes we are all "Churchill Staff". Here is what she does to me on a daily basis. I arrive,check my patients and then begin the morning routine of a quick clean up and mop the floors. Churchill complains about the food she has been given and runs along behind me yowling in protest at what food I have given her. She hops up onto the kitchen counter and has a long drink out of "Fred's" home...Fred is the Red Siamese Fighting Fish who lives in what Churchill believes is her water bowl.

Next step is to scream to go outside, I duly open the door...she rushes out and then as soon as I close the door...she screams to come back in...about 100 times a day. As if that is not enough she then selects a freshly cleaned "Secret Spot" to leave me a present for the day. Sometimes it is a kitty poo hidden behind the x-ray machine and only discovered once the smell has become so bad we are all searching for it....sometimes it is a lovely puddle of "Puddy Tat" pee on the freshly swabbed floors...

That business taken care of, she then jumps up and sits like a sentry on the reception desk to keep an eye on proceedings. Sometimes she is nice and allows the clients to pat her, other times she will swat them indignantly if they even reach out. We probably should have a "Beware of the Cat" sign displayed..... If I open the "Greenies Cat Treats" bag, she goes to pieces and rubs herself all over me purring loudly...I open the packet and have 2-3 Greenies in my hand....quick as a flash she grabs my hand with her claws and gobbles up the Greenies , purring madly. Then its time for nap...crawl in behind the computer monitor, disconnect the Credit card machine, switch the computer trouble to Churchie......we are staff after all.......her staff!

Had a nice weekend, went to a 21st on Saturday night....I am exactly twice her age....AAArrrgh? Sunday we went down to watch the Formula 1 powerboat racing, pretty awesome machines to watch I must say. Karma and Shani needed a run so we went up to the field, it was pretty wet and the two of them ran until they were soaking wet and black with mud. D took one look and said...NO WAY are they getting the car like that so we had to walk home....

Other than that not too much to tell....Oh actually this morning I noticed the Cockatiels using the nesting box and doing funny "Flappy" things with their wings....maybe we gonna get baby birdies soon.....

Ciao for now

Sunday, 02 September 2007

You can't catch me.....I'm Shani!

Near our house there is a field.... a big empty fenced field... we take the girls there to let off steam. Takes about 5 Min's and the greys are all done, they have run at Mach2 for 5 minutes and after a cool down walk. We sniff a few things, do pee pees and then wander home. Shani and Karma love to run, they chase each other and run circles around us. A couple of sprints and they go to eat grass and do doggie stuff. The beauty is having a fenced field about the size of 3 Footy fields all to ourselves!

The BIG advantage of this is that Shani the Destructor is too tired to destruct.

J got all artistic on me and told me how to position things so she could be in the photo with her dog. Right in the clover....worked well.

Had a good weekend, studied some, played some and got a few things done. Next two weeks are going to be a bit mad around here as one of the nurses at work is going on leave so I am doing extra hours...have warned my family that things could turn bad at home during this period...the washer woman is gonna be scarce.........

It was fathers day here today (different to South Africa) , its been nearly 6 six years since my Dad passed away.....still miss him like crazy. Miss how he made me laugh and how he held us all together... R.I.P Dad.