Monday, 16 June 2008

Getting chilly here now..........

Winter always takes me by surprise in Queensland. I think it is because it gets so hot in summer I can never imagine it being cold. But this last week has been a little cool ... kitties are diving under the blankets and cuddling very close. They are as demanding as ever, if not more. Bindii caused a neighbour to complain as he had gone into her garden and beaten her cat up a few times... other people have teenagers that get into trouble...I have Siamese.

The greyhounds are wearing their jackets again and are reluctant to get up too early. The days are still pleasant and a balmy 23 degrees. Things are ticking over in the household in its normal dysfunctional way. I am feeling much better health wise and my pain has been minimal luckily. New medication has been very successful and I am feeling more able to attack the chaos.

I often wonder if other homes are as strange as mine? Is it just my kids that are so messy or do other folk also battle endless mess? The girls are on holiday for two weeks and did some housework today while I was at work.....I was very impressed.

I need to get out and take some more photos for the blog..... and do some interesting things to blog about. I get complaints otherwise, my sister told me that I can't just "Start a Blog" and then not update it for a month.......

So this one is for her.....with jokes to keep you smiling......

Be back soon