Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Longtime No Blog

It has been awhile since my last blog, but I have a multitude of excuses. I have been working fairly long hours, finishing off all the requirements for my studies this semester, supporting a very sad daughter and trying to run a household.

I think I am failing in a few of these areas......... J is missing her boyfriend terribly. But not much I can do to rectify that situation. My household is a desperate attempt at organisation, which has failed miserably. This is evidenced by little piles of "stuff" everywhere. I mean to find a place for them........but they seem to multiply until I feel overwhelmed by them. That makes me leave them for another week...... You see the problem yet?

My behaviour when I am studying, working and "not coping" is not something I am proud of. I can have tantrums, shout and scream and stomp off to my room and slam the door. I am so wishing I had never embarked on this studying. However I am nearing the finish line and it would be incredibly stupid to throw in the towel so close to the end....

I always thought that things get easier as you age but that is apparently not how it works. I seem to rush more, have less time and cope worse? What happened to my vision of arriving to "middle-age" with dignity, poise and control? This Owl does not seem to be getting wiser?

Ok enough about me and my whining.

Winter is fast approaching and the 4 - legged creatures of the house are desperate to avoid the cold. I woke up this morning with Siamese 1 in my arms, Siamese 2 on my head, sharing my pillow and Siamese 3 on my legs. I am apparently a giant hot-water bottle designed for their comfort.

Karma and Shani are once again wearing their multitude of "doggy-coats" that they have. Karma recently had a birthday and is now 8yrs old. She does not look old but I can see she is slowing down a bit. If you take her for too long a walk she starts to slow down and then just stops and stares at you. That means "Ok, enough" I am going home. This next photo was kindly supplied by E an awesome photographer!

Shani on the other hand will go and go....... a bit like a "Duracell Bunny".......

Be back soon

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Ups and downs.....

Life gives and takes. I am happy and sad. Happy because J and her Internet boyfriend E met and had a magical three weeks together............sad because now he has left and poor J is heartbroken. A difficult path to follow, but I am sure that where there is a will there is a way!

Happy because my Case Studies are submitted and the last straggly tasks are completed....... sad because today we had to say goodbye to a very special kitty. Mr Meow was a resident at Peninsula Vet for 15 years. He attended Puppy Preschool and taught the pups to RESPECT cats. He ruled the place. It was an honour to have your lap chosen at the weekly team meeting, he sat on your lap and purred his way through the meeting. Sadly after a long illness it came to the day... and we said goodbye. RIP Mr Meow.

No matter how long you do this job ... it never gets easier.......

The Greys are good... the cats are fine... the fish are swimming.....the cockatiels are chirping.....

While E was here he and J were eating some grapes, they had them in a bowl of water.....Ziggy thought that the bowl may actually be an indoor bird bath......

I guess things are ok