Thursday, 30 August 2007

Blogger's Block...

I have sat down a few times to put hand to keys (as opposed to pen to paper) and stared blankly at the screen, sighed and switched off the pc. But I am back with a few anecdotes to share. It has been pretty busy since our little trip to Noosa and I think I had about 6 tonnes of washing to catch up on.

Last weekend we organised a walk at Nudgee beach with a Gold Coin donation to go to Greyhound Adoption Program of QLD. My boss who has been away has a deep love of greyhounds and it was actually due to her that I became involved in Greyhounds. The walk was fun and our clients from Anvet Kedron really enjoyed the walk, a few folk asked if we could make it an annual event.

Some of the photos show what fun we had, best trick, musical "Sit" ....last dog left sitting on command wins! We had been kindly sponsored by our Wholesaler and reps and had loads of prizes and freebies to give out. A sausage sizzle added to day made sure there were no hungry tummies.

On the home front we had FANTASTIC news, D went for a P.E.T scan to check there is no spread of the Squamous Cell Carcinoma he had removed in December. The Doc rang yesterday and left a voicemail saying, "Buy some champers, it's all clear" ! The relief is great, he still gets checked every 6 weeks but its very encouraging sign that he is all clear now!

J, A and I joined a new gym this week and have been doing some serious workouts, its pretty good all going together. Everyone is going to bed a lot earlier now....

Chat soon

Friday, 24 August 2007

Been awhile....better catch up!

Well last weekend saw the "Clan" off to Noosa for the weekend. My best friend whom I have known since I was 4yrs old was visiting from the "Land of Long White Cloud". Actually I think she was hoping that "Sunny Queensland" would deliver her from the "Coolth" of New Zealand... I think she wants her money back after the weather we had this past week!

It was lovely to catch up with her and meet the new baby boy...when you only get to see people once year its a shock to see how they grow! It was also the first time I had gone away from my "Grey Babies", my friend "Doriso" was kind enough to move into our home or "Ark" as she calls it to care for my creatures great and small.

The Grey's seem to have been happy enough to be spoiled by Doriso but apparently the cats gave her a bit of a hard time by galloping up and down the passage all night and keeping her awake. Shani only protested slightly by doing some "Un-Gardening" of the pot plants. Karma as usual was her perfectly behaved self.

It was great to get away and Noosa is very very beautiful, I think we may need to spend more time exploring the Sunshine Coast. The beach was beautiful and even though the weather was not too good we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. There were no computers and so we actually talked!!! Bloody Miracle!

Gotta go have a shower... had a little "incident" at work today. Was attempting to feed a kitty with a fractured jaw via her "Stomach Tube", the tube blocked and the mushy cat food exploded into my face.....yup not a good look! Cat food in the eyes and hair, as usual my work colleagues rushed to help me...yeah right...they were all rolling about laughing at me....

Don't despair we sorted the tube and the kitty has had a big feed...

Chat soon

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Flu anyone? No thanks I already had it ...TWICE!!

Yep, got all ready to finally do my bit for Greyhound Adoption , said I would bring my greys and help out on the Promotional stand at the "Ekka" (Queensland's Big Show). But Alas I have been struck down with a repeat bout of the "Killer Flu". Obviously my immune system is not functioning on "All Cylinders" and so any little thing that wafts by seems to attack me.

I was disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing what its all about, as I had never been to the Ekka before. Oh well...there is always next year! With most of Queensland in a bit of panic about the severity of the Flu, it is considered very "No No" to go to public places and cough all over people.

The dogs were miserable because they did not get "walkies" today...I am too sick and J would have taken them BUT she had her first day at a TRIAL JOB. She loved it, assisting in a Deli/Coffee Shop. Very excited about her potential job. We think it went OK, she has been asked back to fill in all the necessary forms and such....

Little Miss A gave up swimming much to my dismay but I just could not fight it another day. We have been looking for a replacement sport but she is not much interested in any... However today we joined her to Auskick for the next month to learn how to play Touch Footy (Aussie Rules). This should be interesting...

Other good news is the assignment is done, finito, ended.....YAY. Now the next one is due in a month and its a big sucker.... I am afraid...very afraid!


Sunday, 12 August 2007

A bit of a Doggie Blog....

Well I am back to normal and feeling OK again. I am happy to report that I am about 80% through my assignment. Many long hours have been spent but the end is in sight YAY! The dogs are feeling a bit neglected through all this "Sick & Studying Mom".

D says that the night I came home from the hospital so wiped out, Karma was not happy. She kept trying to climb onto his lap to tell him something was wrong with me. Shani or "Puppy" as we fondly call her is just the sweetest most mischievous little dog you have ever met. Even D has melted and I see him snuggling Shani and playing with her.

A is so funny, the other morning she says "Arrrgh this dog is like a TRAILER, it hooks onto the back of you and follows you everywhere"! The name has stuck and it is very cannot move without "Trailer Dawg" attaching herself to you and following you, not even a trip to the loo is sacred...

She does require a lot of stimulation, needs plenty exercise and her destructiveness abates.....ignore her and the entire house is packed out onto the lawn. Karma loves her and it is very sweet to see the two of them cuddled up together having a nap. "Evil Grey Cat" is kept at bay by her responding to Blue, Bindii and Kittens distress calls....she gallops over and chases the cat away. Only problem is now kitten thinks she is invincible because she has a greyhound as her wing man.....but the greyhound cannot follow through the fence and EGC had a good swipe at her.

Well better get back to work...must finish this assignment so I can go to the EKKA and help at the GAP stand this week!

See ya

Friday, 10 August 2007

Don't worry I am a doctor...

Hello there, I am sort of back in the land of the living again. The good news is that there is nothing wrong with my stomach according to the endoscopy...the bad news is :

a) I still have no diagnosis for the bloody mystery pain.
b) The anaesthetist would not believe me when I told him I am allergic to some drug they use...
c) I paid a *^%&**))#$ of money to be wiped out for 48hrs.

So here's what went down. I rock up for my 12:30 endoscopy, having fasted since the previous night. Feeling like hell, dehydration headache and the mystery pain is in full force. Some poor soul has complications, I finally get to theatre at 2pm. I say to the Anaesthetist, " The last two times I have had an anaesthetic I have been violently ill and struggled to wake up, I suspect I am allergic/sensitive to one of the drugs you use". "Humph he snorts, last time you had major surgeries, today I am "sedating you" and don't assume its one of the drugs, it's highly unlikely". "OK" , I reply meekly, go ahead. He says "Well today will tell won't it, you will be fine".

I wake up feeling like a freight train has run me over, am struggling to wake up and the nausea and headache are so bad I say to the nurse...."Quick I am going to vomit!". And vomit I did...repeatedly whilst all around me ate their sandwiches, drank their tea and went home. Eventually the nurse went to find the "Don't Worry" doctor to tell him I may soon lose my actual stomach. I am allergic to most anti nausea medication so out comes the $75 dollar a shot kick ass medicine. This makes me stop vomiting. D helps me to the car , it is now 6:30pm. I make it home fall into bed and sleep, wake up but can't get up, can't eat or drink and the headache is now at migraine proportions.

D has to ph work to let them know that I will not be at work the next day, because I can't really sit up ,let alone drive a vehicle...

So today I ring "Dr Don't Worry's" office and tell them I am stuffed. They tell him, he says I must be re-admitted, I say righto then I will drive my car there and crash is that OK? I am not dying all I want is a letter from you to say that I DO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH DRUGS YOU USED so that I can tell the next anesthetist and hopefully avoid a 4Th time of being so wiped out post op! A friend came and took me to the GP for a check up, I am OK, still get woozy and have slept about 20hrs straight but am still tired?

Will post more when my eyes will stay open

Tuesday, 07 August 2007

Still finding things a bit distracting...

I think it must be a medical condition or something but I still have not sunk my teeth into this assignment? I get distracted by anything and everything that would normally not even register on my "Interest Radar".

Things I did today:

1) Took Kids to School
2) Attended J's final subject selection interview (Maths, Art, Ancient History, Biology, English & Chemistry)
3) Attended an Academic Awards Lunch where J won an award for excellent results in Semester
4) Did Shopping
5) Did 3 loads of laundry
6) Exercised The Grey Kids
7) Cooked dinner
8) Made a million calls to sort insurances etc etc
9) Watched TV
10) Avoided my assignment

What I didn't do Today:

1) My Assignment

Don't worry tomorrow I am grounded and I will do it...I promise!



Wednesday, 01 August 2007

The Art of Procrastination......

There is one Art I have mastered...the ART OF PROCRASTINATION. I find I am especially adept at it when I have a deadline for my studies looming like a big disaster. Its a constant source of wonder that despite all the years of "Learning the consequences of procrastination" , I still fall prey to it ??? I thought as you got older you got wiser? It appears however that you don't always learn from your mistakes.

I get very irritated with others when they procrastinate... but I can give you VERY good excuses why my assignment won't be ready by due date. I am writing this in the vain hope it jars my sub-conscious into a mad panic so that I START THE ASSIGNMENT before I run into some serious time issues.

Don't invite me anywhere, don't ask me anything........tell me to go study....