Tuesday, 25 December 2007

SEASONS GREETINGS! ...and also a little confession....

Best wishes to everyone for Christmas and may you have a prosperous New Year! We L Clan are having a far better Chrissy than last year (as we Aussies call it). No one is ill... as far as we can tell. We are off to have lunch with some old friends and that should be very pleasant.

Now for the confession.... about a month back a lady came into work with a beautiful Siamese cat.... she was trying to find him a home as she had saved him from euthanasia, her landlord does not allow cats. Now anyone who has owned a Siamese would know they are not the kind of cat you can keep quiet in your home. They strut around shouting on top of their lungs and befriend all they see. NOT good idea when you are meant to "not exist". So said lady got served an eviction notice.... as in "Its you or the cat".....

Her choices were back to re-homing him or euthanasia........... I offered to re-home him, I just could not see him euthanized......... It was just before Christmas, what was I to do. D was consulted and said OK, cat can stay awhile whilst we look for a home. I got him home and D took one look and said "I think I know of a good home"..... with a big grin on his face........

And so now we have Ty...an eight year old Seal Point Siamese kitty. He lives in A's room and sleeps on her tummy. He purrs madly when he sees any human.

The other cats are a little freaked out ............OK they are VERY cross with us.......... they will get over it ....... they always do..........

Oh and we got another birdie...........

I better stop now .... dont'cha think?

Chat soon

Sunday, 09 December 2007

Cats .....

My cats are true felines, they have trained us well. The only reason we put up with their behaviour is because of the wonderful feeling of having a purring kitty wrapped in your arms. In winter the Siamese sleep curled up in my arms... built in hot water bottles. When summer comes they abandon us... too hot, instead they there find the room with air con and then do not move at all during daylight hours. I am a firm believer in a "CAT CURFEW", that is no cats out at night. The reason being that during the day felines sleep, at night they like to fight, hunt and gallivant. If you keep them in at night they are unable to do these activities, thus reducing your Veterinary bills as well as keeping the Australian Wildlife safer! This is a very noble undertaking because this means that my three are locked into the house when they are most active. This has a few drawbacks.

They sleep a bit (Average amount of hours cats sleep is 18 out of 24) and then then CAT OLYMPICS begin. They gallop around chasing each other, running up fly screens, leaping over furniture and ambushing one another at every opportunity.
I lie in bed and every 20 Min's or so a cat flys over my head, or lands on my stomach... not conducive to a deep sleep. I thought that as they got older they would settle and be less active, nope not true. Blue is 5 and Bindii is 4, no sign of slowing down at all. There are many foul forms of torture developed by man... all that time wasted when my two Siamese would get the toughest man to break in a few hours.

Blue Cat's Method:

Jump repeatedly on Human until they stagger out of bed.
If no response then attack feet until they bleed.
Knead human with claws fully extended and purr as loud as a tractor.
If human does not respond or turns away, extend paw with claws fully extended and hook human skin, act innocently as if you are loving them.

Bindii's Method:

Shout loudly, do not take no for an answer.
Walk/Run up and down corridor screaming in loud Siamese tones.
Run over top of owners head and have fight with brother.
If door is shut scream and throw yourself against door repeatedly.

Kitten's Method:

Very quietly and subtly swirl around human making soft mewing noise.
At unexpected moment bit leg HARD.

I cannot tell a lie at 4:30am (when the bloody sun rises in Qld) we are tortured until we fill the food bowl and open the cat door to allow the felines outside time.
A friend stayed over to Animal sit and she complained that although the bed was possibly the most comfortable she has slept in......the bloody cats nearly killed her... she left for home sleep deprived and wondering how we survive it!

I have a few days off and am so enjoying some down time. No news to tell really... which in our case is GOOD!

Ciao for now


Sunday, 02 December 2007

Greyhounds and other stuff....

Last weekend we attended the GAP Christmas party. Karma and Shani were very excited to go see all their friends. We gave one of our old foster dog's , Suzie a lift to the party. Suzie was a very shy, scared girl who was very anxious when we fostered her as she had come from an abused background.

Our home was WAY too busy, people coming and going, shouting ,noise....not for the faint hearted and poor Suzie did not really enjoy the environment. The story has a very happy ending as she has been adopted by a wonderful Lady "L" who lives alone with her cat. A much quieter environment and one that has given her back her confidence.Well our little shy girl has blossomed into a happy, energetic crazy grey and is so obviously happy, it is just wonderful to see.

I thought she may find the GAP party a bit too busy, but oh no.... she was the perfect party animal and even won the "Shiniest Coat" prize. That is one of the most rewarding things to see, a little dog who has learnt to trust humans again.

I was the "clip your dogs nails for a gold coin donation to GAP" person. There were lots of nails to clip let me tell you! Next year I need a cushion to kneel on... J was taking photos and socialising as usual. Lots of familiar faces. We took home some very tired greyhounds.

On the home front, all is well at the moment. J has finished school for the year and A is in her last two weeks. A starts High School next year.... where did the years go?

Will write more soon , I have a few days off coming up.

Chat soon