Wednesday, 30 May 2007

The Mystery illness is still a mystery?

Hmm, medicine I have learned is not an exact science at all. All my tests have come back pretty ok, liver is a bit strange looking but seems to function fine? Only problem is that there is a definite infection brewing somewhere, my white blood cell count has doubled since the last test and it was already too high then.

Doc says he is stumped? We can carry on with a million tests or just try to treat the mystery infection with some antibiotics..........I chose the the antibiotics. Don't need to know what it was......just need to get better! So lets hope this will fix me!

D has just become stronger and stronger........he has taken to cooking and its looking like he may actually do a way better job than me!We walk almost everyday, along the beautiful waterfront and have a cappucino to keep us going.

D has a new project he is trying to catch the "Evil Grey Cat" hence known as EGC. EGC has been terrorizing our three kitties for months. He arrives at night, pees on everything and beats my kitties to a pulp. Blu Boy has had to go to hospital twice already to be repaired. Kitten has also been mauled by EGC. Bindii Boy does his best to fight back but sadly EGC has the weight advantage and we keep losing the battle.

So D has decided to trap EGC and give him a BIG fright and a BIG splash of water and hope that serves as a lesson. Personally I have my doubts but desperate times call for desperate measures..... Of course EGC may be wiser than we give him credit for, as every morning the trap is empty and the tantilizing morsel of food remains untouched. The biggest danger is to remember to "de-activate" the cage in the morning so that we don't trap our own unsuspecting felines!

I have just finished a MEGA assignment and written an exam for my Veterinary Nursing Certification. Yep after 20 years of nursing animals I am making it official. I have studied more in the last few weeks than I think I did in my entire school career. Its not eaasy studying when you are old, work, have kids and waaay too many animals. Also I can now study with pandemonium around me. Try concentrate when people are shouting "Mom, whats for dinner"?

The answer is nothing, zero, nought.....nada. Get your own!

Chat soon

Saturday, 19 May 2007

A bit about the kids

Woke up this morning 7am........lay in bed for awhile...............woke up 11am! Not feeling too bad today, a few grumbles from the non-existent gallbladder but not too bad. Wandered into kitchen.....D,J and A all on computers in a row.

A "flaps " her arms and jumps up and down when playing World of Warcraft with her dad. Whoever said that sitting in front of a PC all day is not exercise, has clearly not seen my child flap her arms, jump on and off her chair, shriek and generally look like a startled bird. Don't panic........we force her to do swimming training 3 days a week so her muscles won't atrophy.

J on the other hand does not move much at fact, its as if you have unplugged her from this planet. It can take 3-7 calls and even a shake of the shoulder to get her to look up and say "Huh"? When present on earth she is very helpful and and sweet........its just that she is not often on earth as you who have met her would know! She is very very into her art and is really got amazing talent. A local professional artist is giving her lessons as well now and she is loving it. She so "Arty Farty" its scary. Wears only denim jeans and black t-shirts. Is very very smart and is fun to "debate" with. It is fantastic to see her take her dad on in an argument...........and win!!! We all know how easy he is to argue with don't we. ;-) She will fight the point and then rush off to grab the relevant New Scientist magazine and prove him wrong. If I have done nothing else in my "Character Building Journey" than produce another being who can out argue D..........I have had success!

D and J are two peas in a pod, its like having a clone.

A (I'm told) is like me but I can't see it........She is Loud, passionate, in your face but wonderful. Her energy is scary and some days I don't know how to keep up........The student has surpassed the master. I will sit in my 40 something crisis and wish for just a smidgin of her energy. She uses most of her energy to argue with her parents (Cannot see where that argumentative streak came from?) about EVERYTHING. Sometimes we retreat in exhaustion and try to plot a new plan to get her to do anything. BUT she is like a burning flame...........and the moths fly in and get zapped ad infinitum.

Sala Kahle

Friday, 18 May 2007

Starting Point

Thought it may be an idea to have a blog, seeing as everyone else I know has one. Mine will be a mixture of work and life..........greyhounds and other topics. Things were starting to look ok. D has recovered and is looking pretty darn good! A mere slip of man now, this entailed shopping for some new clothes as the old ones just fall off his .........ask no questions and I'll tell no lies.

Seeing as he is well I thought I should have a bash at being a patient for awhile. Not sure whats going on as yet but can only describe it as "Phantom Gallbladder" pain and discomfort??? What the ?? Apparently it is not uncommon to have some problems post gallbladder removal. Sooo here I go again....Abdominal scan etc etc. Will let you know whats going on when I know.

Due to unforseen circumstances i.e "Illness in the family" again........I am putting a hold on fostering greyhounds for awhile. Karma does not mind as she is not really a dog and so as long as there is human company she is happy. She has also been accepted into the "Siamese Club" and Bindii and Blue like her now. This is a great homour as even "Kitten" who is actually a feline, has not been invited in to this exclusive club as yet.

Work has been difficult due to my "Mystery illness" and I am feeling so very very exhausted all the time. Will write more soon.