Sunday, 09 March 2008

BY GEORGE! I THINK SHE GOT IT! has taken some time and dedication BUT finally Shani has made the connection! Its quite a simple equation SIT = FOOD + LOTS LOVE. Its is quite obviously not that comfy and she prefers not to sit on slippery surfaces. Being a very muscle bound greyhound (from lots of zoomies around the garden) sitting is hard. She is happy to sit on the lawn or the carpet. We are very proud Greyhound Parents. J and I were acting like fools we were so excited. A piped up "Hey, I can sit too"...."For chocolate"... Cheeky wretch!

I am having severe motivational issues on getting my Case Studies together. I am so tired from work that I can't seem to get my A into Z to work on my studies. Oh well will have to come up with a plan fast or I am gonna be in the Poo Poo soon.

I am planning to finish this year... finish my studies... then take a deep breath and do NOTHING! Yes NOTHING. My brain is closing down and only essential stuff will take place... no extra things to mess with my "Me time", actually I have been planning a nervous breakdown for years but have never had a spare moment to have one... maybe next year?? I have developed a tic in my left eye and am wondering if this is a first sign of madness? Or maybe its one of the last.....

Most folk start the new year with a "Get Fit" resolution.... I am going to "Stay Sane"...

Will blog soon again