Saturday, 16 February 2008

Not so "Sunny Queensland" and other "Stuff "....

Well it appears the drought is breaking..... unfortunately it coincided with my Clothes Dryer also breaking, funny how that works huh! We tried to save some money by having a go at fixing it ourselves... just broke it more and landed up taking it to the Appliance Man. He was able to diagnose the problem over the ph........and $70 dollars later we have an operational dryer to help dry the tonnes of wet soggy clothing produced by my family daily....

It has been rather hectic again, getting organised for final year, discovering the College lost my application and having to then re-register after the "cut off" date. Note to self....never be so organised that you register early because then you assume you are all good and only discover the $%^&( up later! Anyway no harm done apart from the fact that it all took some fancy footwork to sort out.

The Greyhounds are well, Karma is starting to show signs of ageing... she turns 8 in May and seems to be a bit stiff when she gets up and down. Hell I am only 42 and I seem a bit stiff too...... Shani is well, not the smartest Greyhound on earth but very very sweet and loving. She is struggling with the concept of "sitting"... has not made the brain connection between her bum hitting the ground and the command with a treat....... Ah well we can't all be smart.......

Girls seem to be settling into school again and the year starts to flash by again. does it get faster the older you get? Does it seem more chaotic as you age? Lexi is playing soccer at school and was hobbling around this morning after actually doing some exercise!

D is "its March and all is well", we are getting more towards taking it a month at a time... rather than a day. Always find it a bit scary to plan things because that is when "LIFE" throws another curve ball..........

Will post more soon

Friday, 08 February 2008

Obedience...or lack thereof... and a whinge about stuff.

Well Mon evening saw the start of "Dog Obedience" classes for the greys. There were lots of dogs and most were puppies who I knew from work. Shani and Karma were excited to see them as they have a special job, whenever we run a "Puppy Pre-School" my Greys are invited to come and accustom the pups to strange big dogs.

They are so gentle and sweet with pups, from the boisterous staffies to the teeny white fluffies. Karma and Shani join them in "play time" and are very calm and soothing to the pups. Shani especially loves meeting the new pups, Karma is mostly interested in the cheese treats that are available..... She will sit, drop ... anything as long as the cheese keeps coming.

Karma has definately done "Obedience" before and as is her way listned to every word... until it started raining! Karma does not "do" rain....she looked at me and made her saddest "baby Seal" eyes... and stopped performing. She was very inconvenienced by the wet and was only playing along because she is such a good girl.

Shani was very excited... so many other excited dogs around! She wasn't sure what to do... and it made it very difficult for her to concentrate. She has the attention span of about a nanosecond...
I have to stand miles away with Karma or else she just watches what Karma does. To her credit though she did make progress.

Greyhounds find it quite difficult to "sit" it is not a natural position for them. Karma will sit on command but cannot remain sitting for a long time and will stand up again. So when all the others are "Sit and Stay" we are training to do "Stand and Stay".

Other than that things are fine. I am just irrationally cranky and irritable. D likes it because the kids are very nice to him and avoid me like the plague.... not that I blame them. I almost want to get away from me as well! So I find myself shouting at everybody and grumbling under my breath. They are all laughing at me and being very cooperative with my grumpiness.

Things that are annoying me:

1) Having to ask for routine chores to be done everday at least 5 times.
2) Stupid annoying people out there who make me roll my eyes.
3) Cat fights in my house.
4) Interest rates.
5) Time or the lack therof.
6) Eating too much.
7) Lack of exercise due to motivational problems.
8) Motivational problems.

So until the grumpiness passes.......I am going to eat too much, lie on the couch where possible and grumble under my breath... I am over 40... I am allowed bad behaviour... I earned it by getting this far!