Thursday, 31 January 2008

Been busy...its back to school time!

Shani doing "Dead Dog"

Well life in L household has been a flurry of buying schoolbooks, uniforms and setting new rules... Yesireee this year we gonna get ORGANISED! After the long holidays and people in this family playing on the computer pretty much 24/7 ... I have been battling to get everyone to realise that you can't go to bed at 2am when you got school tomorrow....

Also January is a mad month moneywise, trying to recover from the Christmas overspend and re- kit the whole clan for the New Year, takes some intricate "Financial Gymnastics". The four-legged beasts are well, Karma and Shani are just lovely. They are starting an obedience course next week. Karma is fine she can sit,drop etc but would be devastated if I left the house without her, so I figured she can come along as well.

Shani needs to learn the basics, she has no clue and gets very confused very quickly. She is a bit of a scaredy cat and gets fearful about things sometimes. She will do a classic "Greyhound Freeze" which means she does not move and the only way forward is to physically pick her up and move her to wherever you need to go.

We went to visit "Greychicken" and "According to Flo" was there as well. Patch and Rocky have a new house and we went to visit. The 5 greyhounds hurtled around and around the garden, much fun was had. The humans got to have a glass of wine and eats lots of cheese and biccis.....

A started high school yesterday and despite her nervousness and panic, she took to it like a duck to water. Here is photo of her with her best friend/partner in crime K.

J is in Year 11 ... not long and she will be finished with High School. She has been going to gym lots and is impressing me with her new found fitness. We missed putting the bin out for collection the other day, she sprinted all the way down the road, caught the truck and sweet talked the Garbage Man (in her most charming manner) into doing another round of the neighbourhood to collect our bin! Only afterward did it dawn on us how fit she has become to be able to do that... I would have passed out at the end of the driveway.........

On the cat front, things are settling and our dear Mr Ty aka Cranky Cat has settled in to the routine. A is his chosen slave and he follows her like a dog EVERYWHERE and sleeps on her head at night.

I am enjoying the last weeks of freedom before my final year of study commences...

All is good
My battery is not too bad
Chat soon

Thursday, 17 January 2008

My Battery is flat........

I have been a very slack blogger. I have a good excuse, my mystery illness has attacked me again. I feel flat, exhausted, sore, can sleep as much as my cats do, no energy, sweats..... Back to the Doc, he does more tests turns out I have had Glandular Fever! Ah ha, that explains everything.

So I have been booked off work for a few days to rest... I have issues with that concept but I am trying. I have read two books, watched a few movies and slept an average 14 hours a day.... Still not feeling wonderful but at least I know why I feel like a bus ran me over!

All is well in the camp at present, as we say here in The Madhouse.... at least its not cancer! I will recover, will just have to take things easier.

Ty our new resident Siamese, or "Mr Cranky" as I like to call him has settled in. The Siamese are all getting on and sharing nicely but "Sumo Cat" still has major issues with him and attacks at every opportunity.

The kids are still on Holiday but school starts again in a couple of weeks. A starts High School and J is in her second last year. Karma and Shani are well and J has been doing some running with Shani who seems to have boundless amounts of energy.

Met up with Ms Needlenose for brekkie and handed over some booties for OMO the white hound with paw troubles.... apparently he goose steps with them.... He will learn that Booties = Able to walk on Hard surfaces......

Will Blog more when I have more energy....

The photos are of the 3 Siamese enjoying a "Massage".... mad felines!

Yours wearily

Sunday, 06 January 2008

Notes to self.......

Some days I realize that much of my troubles are brought on myself... its taken me about 35 years to figure out. I am also aware that I am a victim of my own creation. Why must I collect animals like a woman possessed? Take for instance my latest crusade... TY. He is a lovely kitty but... he has issues...

He is extremely CRANKY, a real grumpy old man. He likes the accommodation and the resident humans BUT is very unsatisfied with his fellow felines. My other Siamese have been very accommodating toward him but he still grumbles at them. My feral cat "Kitten" or as we have re-named her SUMO... does not like him. No sireee she thinks he should be attacked as frequently as is felinely possible. So she waits around corners or on top of furniture and ambushes Ty.

So all is not quiet at home... in fact the animal politics is bad... a bit of tension in the camp. Oh did I mention that the mere sight of the dogs is enough to send our Mr Grumpy into a trembling rage... yep TY hates dogs...

So everyone please hold thumbs that he settles.... or do your duty and help me find him a nice quiet home without other animals... He is very cuddly and loves people......???? Are you sure you don't need a spare Siamese???

Oh well I guess it was a bit inevitable... there are a huge number of beasts to get accustomed to around here....

The 2 legged family are well, no dramas there.... small mercies Huh!

Will chat soon